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Seyahat Navigasyon
Geliştirici: Jean Charles ANGER
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NaviPorts tells you in real time the distance and direction of each port in selected areas!

The 172 major britain ports integrated.

The distance and heading in real time in each port of the selected areas.

Mapping out a GSM network available!
Optional ports available from 10 other countries:

France: 155 ports.
Spain and Portugal: 235 ports
Italy and Sardinia: 269 ports
Slovenia and Croatia: 89 ports
Maghreb: 72 ports
Greece and Crete: 380 ports
1372 European ports is listed!

To add more ports or sites, you can memorize a simple touch on the card, under GSM coverage.
With NaviPorts you do you will never get lost at sea, even in case of failure of your equipment on board!

*** ATTENTION: The download to your iPhone 3G in wifi can cause malfunction of the application (without GPS), to correct it, download or re-download your application preferably with iTunes on your computer. ***